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Two hour barriere broken

Today I did something, I’ve told myself to do since I did the half marathon: Go for a run that extend two hours and see how you feel. So I’ve put it off last weekend, but today somehow seemed to be ‘the day’.

About 24K in about 2.12hr– in the hills of Clonakilty. And when I say hills, I mean hills. They’re quite nasty!  Last round was really slow and my right foot was hurting the last 1.5k. I might have been able to walk it faster up hill, than the weird jog I had going on.

So NOT a super fantastic time, but happy to have been out on the road for more than 2 hours!

Run was followed by a very, very cold short bath in the Atlantic Ocean. Had some crazy idea, it might help the recovery, but Liam told me, I was supposed to be in the water for more than 1minute, for it to help. Not sure if I was.

Also: 30 dips in the hot shower. Last 30 dips in the kitchen on chairs later, while waiting for the tea to brew.

Picture from our beach – thou a bit hard to see from this angle, but it’s a rock beach!! (= Av!)


Also have to write this: CORMIER!! I knew you would f****** do it!!! All hail the new Strikeforce HW Champ!


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