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Weekend challenge time

This weekends challenge will help you target the so-called ‘Bingo arms’ or ‘Grandma triceps’. In short – we’re gonna attack the often less flattering part of the upper arms.

DIPS is the name of the challenge!
3x 10 each day (saturday and sunday) is your number = 60 dips in total.

Two ways of doing them @the home challenge (in the gym, you’ll find specific equipment just for this exercise): With feet on the ground or feet app. the height of your but*
You can use a chair as I did, a sofa, your bed or any other ‘up from the ground’ place.


Dips with feet up

Dips – start position

Dips with feet on the floor




The aim is to bend your arms to about 90 degrees, lower your body weight, so you’ll use your tricep muscles to hold the weight and press you back up.








This is actually the start position


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