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Might be back on track??!!

I might be back on my training track!! Anyway, woke up and didn’t want to go to the gym. Went anyway and set the bar for 1hour on the treadmill (first long run in my new Asics shoes).

After getting on and feeling great for the first 20 min. I decided to go further than 1 hour – preferably 2 hours, or for as long as I could. After 50 min. right knee starting acting up a bit, and the last 10 min. became a battle between knees and right shin. As usual the treadmill stops after 60min. so, I took a short bathroom break and got some water as well. Jumped on the treadmill again to see, how far I could go after almost 2 weeks of little running.

Before I reached the 1k, left knee (backside, ligaments) started acting up, and despite how I changed my running style, it just kept getting worse. Ended up taking 3 one minute breaks for the next 3.8K – which made my run today a 10 mile – or 16K run. Not bad – but not happy either.
Also the shoes are eating on existing blisters on left foot.

Todays WO:
16K/ 10 Miles in 77.3 min
35 pull/ chin ups (3x 6, 2x 5 +7)
100 Abs
Stretch & back bridge

Am off to Womens Fitness later and am the lucky winner of 6 hours non-stop work, including two classes (1 Kettlebell, 1 boxercise).
Welcome back!!

My new runners


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