40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Sunday run in sunny Cork

The ‘misplaced’ challenge day

Had a wonderful run today – first real day of spring, nothing like celebrating running in the sun. Feel the warmth on my skin and enjoy, that I for once wasn’t cold the first 10 minutes, and could even run in my tank top. Legs also felt good and even the hills didn’t kill me or slowed me down much.

Just so very, very nice – and I didn’t get lost, despite I tried a new way, I haven’t walked/ ran before.

Today according to map on walkjogrun.net:
4.66 miles (7.7k) – time was around 38 min. Felt like a very short run, and yet was happy when I came back to the house. Took a glass of water and sat out on the curve when I came back. Soaking up the sun. I’m still quite convinced, that I was born to live somewhere warm. And before anyone thinks anything – no Korea is not particular warm. Country has four seasons, just like Denmark.

Probably last outdoor run in my very old Asics. Thanks friends - you've served well

Anyway, very happy with my choice of challenge  – tomorrow is a new day, and it’s soon time to get my goals for the ’40 days Lent Challenge’ down. 2 more weeks to go – 2 more weeks to easter eggs.

Liam came home around lunch time and we went into Cork for lunch. Weather was so nice, so we decided to buy some food in Mark & Spencer and find a place outside to eat. I got this ‘Make you fuller longer’ king prawn/ beans/ wild rice/ veg + irresistible coriander and lime dressing, salad’. Which is probably one of the best ‘store bought’ salad I’ve ever tasted. But didn’t make me fuller, longer. Already in the car on our way home, I was munching in crisp.

I got a new gym bag for my birthday. Very happy! Will break it in tomorrow 🙂


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