40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Home alone in Cork

Home alone on a saturday in Cork. Thought I spend the first half of the day training and shopping for food, without getting lost, and I succeeded in both- fortunately.

Decided to change things up a bit this saturday, as I wasn’t really in the mood for running, when I arrived. Truth be told not in a mood for much today – and yet, the first day of spring arrived. First day of walking outside, without feeling cold, so I actually enjoyed the 6k (there and back) walk to the store.

Alright – Training 32nd day of Lent Challenge

* 10min walking

Todays challenge = 100 perfect push ups* (or yesterdays… not sure. I know, I’m one behind). Decided to go 5x 20 and super set with different kinds of abs.
* 20 Push Ups – hands just outside of shoulder width
* 20 Crunches on the ‘Thera-crunch’
* 20 Push Ups: Right hand under shoulder, left hand out from waist. 10 left/10 right
* 20 Reverse Curls – Butt out from bench
* 20 Push Ups – strict. Hands under shoulders
* 20 Thera-crunch + 5kg
* 20 Push ups: 10 plyometric clap, 2x 5 one arms (One arms was hard today)
* 20 Crunch: 10 thera/ 10 but* out from bench
-Finisher: 2x 20 captain crunch (cable pull with 32kg)

Did a little like the picture, only had my legs levelled up, so body was horizontal and strict - and pulled up from there.

2x 5 x20kg
2x 5 x40kg
2x 5 x45kg
In btw sets: 3 pistols to each leg + 2x 10 TRX style hanging pull ups (kind of reversed push up?)

Finisher strength:
5x 20kg Clean & Jerk
3x 15kg Snatch
-Olympic style – NOT crossfit

* 4.67k running: 4 min warm up, 7x 1 sprint, 1.5x 1 nice pace

coined phrase from the friends at Cultfit
Stretch – and someone has been so nice to turn off the hot water for the weekend, so had a very cold and very short ice dusch afterwards. Apparently I have to be cold somehow in Ireland 😉

I also managed to shop for dinner, and will be making sushi tonight. Since Cork doesn’t offer any good sushi places (I’m sorry Daikon, but that’s how I feel), I have to make it myself. Not a big deal, just a little kitchen lazy, but I’ll get it done. (Otherwise I’ll have to starve).

No caption is needed

Edited on sunday 25th: Picture above depicts perfectly the despair in air yesterday. Today the sun is shinning, can’t really complain about that. I’m heading out on my extra challenge – which today will be something as small and nice as a run in the still unknown Cork. (Hoping that I don’t get lost again!!)

Enjoy this:


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