40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

24th – midway to end of Lent Challenge

Todays challenge will be from Ross Enamaits 50day challenge:
Back off Strength day! (Day 24th of my ’40’ days Lent Challenge)

Handstand push ups
Pull ups
One arm push ups
Gluteham raises
Body weight triceps extensions

– 4 sets of hopfully min. 5 reps each  –

I went to the gym with Liam last night before we went out for dinner, and did an extra 30 pull ups yesterday (5x 6) – nearly all executed perfect (except the last of each set), cause he was there looking at me. It’s funny, but he made me work better! (Wish he had been there when I attempted the 50kg bench. Maybe I would have had it??)
Session also included 2 sets of var. ab work, including a staircase with Russian side twists, twisted planks and ½TGUs – and 2×3 pistols!

Didn’t binge on my dinner – instead I woke up with a grown mans appetite this morning. So am afraid, I did a little morning binging. (I really ought stop this. It’s making me feel heavy in the gym, which is absolutely unnecessary adding of extra hardship).

Anyway, my challenge for today will be paired with a small run. I haven’t decided if I should go for the interval run or a fast paced 3K. My running form is getting quite decent, but there is always room for improvement, so I have to start bringing in intervals and fast paced distances.

24 days and then I’ll be setting my teeth into this:

Nom Nom Nom!!



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