40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training


Lent challenge day 21th.

Wuubii shadow boxing, I missed you! Modified for time version – Ross training GPP 5:

* 3K of recovery run/ jog/ walk
* 3 rounds of 3 min: 30 sec shadow box, 30 sec burpees
* Finisher: 300 knees

Had to do a promotion thing with the Womens Fitness, so ran out of time. Happy thou to get 3 rounds and 300 knees down. Really missed shadow boxing, it’s the kata of boxing / thaiboxing. The meditation part of fight sport!!

Evening yesterday was brilliant. My KB class was as good as full and got a lot of work down. I was a wreck when I came, but thanks to the lovely, energy-charges ladies we rocked the cannonballs together! Awesome work!


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