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Day 16 – WOC 101 – Ross wouldn’t be proud

Yesterday was my busy-busy day and just as last week, I didn’t do a specific challenge, but instead put in 16kg KB and burpees into every workout possible.
Total workload is something like this on day 15th of Lent Challenge:
* 60 KB Swings @16kg
* 2×5 C& J @16kg
* 50 burpees
* Boxing drills with my mid class at CIT

Today I started early: 7.30 with another boxercise class at CIT’s ‘Make the most of march’ challenge. My own training followed afterwards, but I felt already in the beginning of the treadmill I was toast. A good idea for next week could be to have a coffee and breakfast before stepping into the gym.

Day 16th of my 40day Lent challenge:
* 3K running (11.5 – 12 kph)
* WOC (Work Capacity) 101 from Ross Training:
– 5 Pull Ups
– 10 Medicine Ball slamms (7kg)
– 15 Burpees
– 20 Jumping Jacks
Ten rounds – aim for 2 min. pr round
10 dragon flags (aiming for)

I didn’t do Ross or myself proud today. Took me 11 min. to finish first 5 rounds and another 13 to finish last 5.
On the good side, I pulled off nearly all my pull-ups! (Missed 1!!)
Burpees kind of killed me, and I have no idea, how I am supposed to do 100 again.

Was supposed to go thaiboxing tonight, but have to admit, I’m to tired and wrecked! I hope my energy level will start to rise again. Not much fun of being a wimp!!

I found, that I really enjoy teaching classes here in Ireland. A new challenge to try to explain it in english + people all over the world, seems to be loving doing boxing drills!


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