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Food day!! Gym here I come

First day back at eating and I feel amazing.
Truth to be told, I actually allowed myself a small bite of chicken, carrot and walnuts late last night after my KB class as a well.. well-earned treat. I tamed that 16kg KB in more drills than Swings and used the 12kg for the rest, except 20 Saxon Sidebends, where I went down to 8kg.

Went to the gym this morning on a food high! And what a high! I have to admit, I rarely feel this much energized for a workout, but what a blessing it is, when you do!

Lent challenge day 14
10 Miles running : 1.18.03
Decided this morning my challenge would be 10 Miles.
I had one break after 1 hour, cause the stupid treadmill stop automatically after 60 min., but I got to take my shirt off (was wearing a tank top underneath) and have a sip of water 😉 So total – this years best run so far, and I got the ‘Runners high’ after about 8K. How nice is that?

2x 5x 40kg
2x 5x 60 kg
2x 5x 80 kg
2x 3x 90 kg
1x 95 kg (new PR)

So a best run of the year so far and a new PR in deadlift after 5 days of detoxing on Blessed Herbs. On my facebook wall there has been a little discussion around my detox, of whether it was a waste of time and a sure way to go into a catabolic state (loosing muscles). While I still don’t know if there is actually things like plaque and mucoid in the intestines, I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost any muscles. Or in worst case scenario, it would have been very little.
The guy who claims detox is a faux (Anders from kropogblog.dk), is actually a guy I have the deepest respect for, cause I know he is smart and have tons of knowledge on training. In this case however, I feel he might went for the automatic response and didn’t really took the time to look into this particular kind of detox. It’s not just fasting and apple juice – it’s the herb mix and digestive pills that makes this detox unique. But like I already said, I – myself, still not sure about the plaque and muciod thing. I just know, I feel great today! Not sure I see results on my skin yet, but the next few days will tell the story.

Motivation, Inspiration! Grab it and run with it!


2 thoughts on “Food day!! Gym here I come

  1. Good job! Not that you care to hear another opinion on detox/fasting/calorie throttling etc…If we step back from the “food” portion of it and focus purely on the “mental” aspect. Things start to become clear. It’s not easy (looks easy on paper), takes dedication, builds a sense of inner strength and hardiness to the individual.
    Anyways…Keep up the great work!

    • I totally agree! The mental aspect of going through a fast is THE reward! I haven’t been doing this for weight loss, as it would be fruitless – you gain the weight – or some of it back, when you start eating. I did it because I felt great after the first time I tried it, and I thought I could see results of the cleansing on the outside (my skin).
      And thank you so much for your encouraging words! They’re well appriciated! Also – there is always room for more opinions! It’s good to read others pov. You can always learn or take something away from what other people have to say. 🙂

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