40 day Lent challenge, training

Busy wednesday – low challenge day (8th)

NB. I am no longer doing this class or am a part of Womensfitnessplus in Cork. Big differences in our professional ethics (or lack of same) put an end to our collaboration. I will miss all the wonderful women I’ve met in my classes and PT sessions, but I will not miss being treated with condesenting arrogance for my professional knowledge and/ or as a fellow human being.
Since Womensfitnessplus made it mandatory for their trainers to sell at least 3 Kinetica products on each shift, I had to say I wouldn’t do it. I’d give information about the products, but under no circumstances would I push the products to women, who didn’t need them. I don’t believe in selling useless stuff, or even worse telling lies to make a profit like.
I’m a fitness professional with ethics and beliefs on what’s right and whats wrong – I work for results, not for greed.
As a result our ways departed – and despite I miss the happy women – I would choose to stand by my ethics again.


Wednesday is my busy day with going from work to second work and back to first work again. Today however didn’t turn out as frustrating insane as last Wednesdays 11 work hours on a 14 hours day. So I could/ should probably have done more challenging training circuit today, but I kept it safe and will go into my detox little fuller than expected. Anyway, without further excuses here is todays training – the challenge was to use 16kg for all swings and C&J, and do a ‘Cardio-lost’ round with all my PT sessions and classes:

16kg KB
* 100 16kg KB Swings
* 26 C&J 16 kg KB (for some reason its way harder to put a KB up there, than it is to press a dumbbell up)
* 100 Burpees
* 200 Mountain climbers
* 200 Jumping Jacks
* 200 Reverse mountains
* 200 cross bounces
* 20 Hindu push ups
* 100 Squats

Tomorrow its No Food day! Feel all exhausted already. Haven’t really gotten any good ideas for Low intensity training during my detox, so I think, I’ll stick with the yoga routines + pull ups tomorrow (gotta keep at them, otherwise they disappear magically!). But if anyone have a good idea, please feel free to share!!

Detox – so we meet again


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