40 day Lent challenge, Blogging, training

Day 7 – 40 days to Lent is over!!

& Ramblings over the fitness industry – In the end of todays blog

40 nights from today Lent is over and I can start to enjoy the finer things in life again, such as Chocolate, Nutella and uhm.. Caitlin’s chocolate cake. But it’s still 40 days and nights from here – silly me, actually thought that we were a week into Lent. So I was beginning to look ahead, but it was too soon. Instead what I have in front of me is Detox days. Days with no food, no nothing except apple juice, pills and powder.

I already know that my Lent diet is going to look appealing after the first 8 hours and probably within the first 24, I’m ready to sell of Liam or my mom for a steak with béarnaise and fries.

Todays training:
1 hour of running: 10.8k. Slow speed (11.5 kph), with 6 min walking total. I enjoyed the slower pace and low intensity, once I got pass the first 7 minutes.
20 Snatches with the ‘Lady bar’ (15kg). 4 Fails, 4 soso and 12 good

Liam came to the gym as I was at 13 snatches, so went home with him afterwards. Suits me well I guess. I have a tough day tomorrow with classes at Womens Fitness and CIT, and I still have to find a challenge for tomorrow. Right now, I get the vision it might involve a 6K run outside (=traffic, hills, people and possibly rain – we are in Ireland after all).

Now to the RAMBLINGS!

I never stop to be amazed how the fitness industry treats women! And by saying women, I mean actually fitness committed women like my self, who has a career in the industry or professional athletes, or just regularly fitness loving women, who enjoy their training and seeing progress.
Cause the industry – or at least some of it – seems to think, that we all just want to be skinny fat beings. Why else make ads like the examples below?

It could really bring me to boil, if I stopped and thought of the broader picture and the signals these ads send to everyone who is watching. But instead of getting myself all worked up about it, I’m just gonna post their adds here and hope you all will think ‘Shame on you’ with me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the other hand, I know why they’re chosing to promote their products with skinny,  non athletic pretty faces. It’s because that’s how a lot of women (of all ages) would like to look. Even some of the strong fighter girls, I’ve met seems to be concerned with weight and I’m no stranger to that myself. Just ask my boyfriend if he ever heard the famous four words: ‘Do I look fat…’.

My point is just, that the industry should support active women, women who are getting more fit, stronger and happier, rather than using the skinny, boyish beauty ideal from fashion.
And that’s was my ramble for tonight. Don’t worry – I’ll be pulling a Ireland vs. Denmark up again soon.


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