40 day Lent challenge

5th day of Lent

Apparently also my off-day. Gym was closed, but I’ve walked around in Cork in 6 inch heels, if that counts for something.

So today will be about eat and write.

I’m going to write a piece for Cork News, which I look very much forward too and I’ll work on my fight photos from last night.

We’re still of sugar, or that ‘ll be; the obvious kind of sugars: candy, cakes, sodas, ice cream etc. I bought an indian spiced dish the other day and noticed just after cooking it, that it had added sugar. Also today I had my first ‘Fish & Chips’ in Ireland from a place called Jackie Lennox. Supposedly Corks best chipper and when we arrived just minutes after opening hour, a que was already lined up.
Fish was definitely a real fish and chips was great… would have been greater thou without the vinegar. And here comes my point: There’s probably sugar in the vinegar as well. As with all processed stuff, it’s hard to know exactly was goes in, but for our Lent challenge, I think it’s fine to leave it as it is: No obvious sugar.

So far we’ve got runny noses, but I’m not sure that has anything to do with anything?

Fish and Chips from Jackie Lennox


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