40 day Lent challenge, training

Lent Challenge 2 day

Second day of Lent and I had to give myself a new challenge:

My second day challenge I decided was from Ross Enamait‘s 50 day challenge: The Magic 50:

* 5 db swings
* 5 db snatch
* 10 burpees
5 sets , breaks in between sets is optional, thou max 60 sec

Since I’m a bit squashed from yesterdays 100 burpees challenge, I thought the Magic 50 would be a good option. Don’t look so tough on paper and I actually discussed with Liam, if I remembered the circuit wrong – that it was supposed to be 10 swings/snatches instead of 5. Fortunately for me, I did got the numbers right!

Todays training:

* Run 6.6K in 31 min
Magic 50
* 5 db swings 15kg (first set with 17,5kg)
* 5 db snatch 15 kg (first set with 17.5kg)
* 10 burpees
5 sets, break btw 2-3 and 3-4

* Farmers walk:
1 walk: 17.5kg db
2 walk: 22.5 kg db
3 walk: 17.5 kg db
= result: Dead arms!! Was supposed to do pull ups after the farmers walk, but had to take a break and do abs and back! My forearms was absolutely crushed after farmers walk. I gotta work on my grip!!

2x 20 russians
20 reach ups
20 reverse curls
20 ½TGU w/ 5kg mb
20 obliques
2x 20 back

Pull Ups:
3x 5

Mariusz Pudzianowski farmer walking with probably more than 4 times my bw!


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