40 day Lent challenge, Sport

1st day of Lent

First day of Lent is almost done. And Liam already been mentioning chocolate cake twice! 😉 And I’ve worked non-stop from morning to late evening. Which meant, I had to revise my original first 40 day challenge goal.

So between this morning at 8 clock and evening at 9, I’ve done 2 boxercise classes and around 10 PT (personal training sessions). And with very little time to eat or rest, my new goal became the 16kg KB in the gym!

My own training and my goal today became focused around PT sessions and KB sessions. And I got to swing the new heavy ball, in a total of – I think:
* 50 doubble hand swings
* 30 doubble to the top swings
* 60 one arm swings
* 2 x Clean and Jerk


No bananas or oranges… its gonna be a long lent! 😉


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