Should I go to the gym today?

The eternal question we all face once every so often… Unless you’re Lance Armstrong, who just put most of the professional Triathlon top to wonder. (Armstrong came in second in his first Ironman (Ironman 70.3 Panama))

Well my excuse for asking the question to myself today is, that I woke up with a severe stomach pains. Not ‘that time of the month’ pains, but something a bit similar to that stabbing feeling. I thought about staying home, thought about what I did yesterday to deserve todays agony, thought about what I could do, if I went to the gym.
And then finally after 20 min of internal deliberation, I left to go to the gym.

1 hour of almost exclusively BW (Bodyweight) work:

2x 10 Canonball dives
2x 20 Muay thai knees
2x 10 Straight leg front kick
2x 10 inside out kicks
20 Plank Jacks
20 sit up stand up w/ 5kg mb (this actually proved to be somewhat challenging)
2x 20 squat to mb
20 shuffle knees
2x 20 Muay thai knees
20 Plank Jacks
3x 5 pull ups
5x 5 monkey turns left
5x 5 monkey turns right
20 one leg pelvic tilt w/ band
10 push up w/band
20 squats to mb
5 min shadow box






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