Sport, strength training

Thursday training pass

6.62K – average speed 12kph

2x 5x 20
2x 5x 30
2x 5x 40
10 x 45

2x 5x 20
2x 5x 40
2x 5x 50
6x 55

Super set with 2x 5 pull ups

5 broomstick snatches (hahaha! Yes, I know, but technique – and the ladies bar was occupied)
3 x20 clean & jerk

2x 5 Dragon Flags
2x 20 Abs
2x 25 sides


Definitely feeling something from yesterday and Tuesday on my butt. Have a feeling it might be the hamstrings and the small run I made to work yesterday. (Running in Ireland is like pony riding… up and down).
Felt better in the bench, but I still struggle to get down in the squat (as well as my dl). It makes me mad, cause back when I started training with the guys in Cph, my form was good. Now it sucks.

Todays challenge was so without doubt Dragon Flags. In a way, I really like crossfit – they blend in all kind of drills, and it’s not just lifting heavy. So sometimes – like today – I feel like don’t give a crap about heavy stuff. Just play with pistols, dragon flags, saxons, russians and my beloved (and missed!!!) thaiboxing.
And other days, it just feel good to be strong!!

No need for captions


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