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‘That’s the best physical activity, I’ve ever done in my life’

NB. I am no longer doing this class or am a part of Womensfitnessplus in Cork. Big differences in our professional ethics (or lack of same) put an end to our collaboration. I will miss all the wonderful women I’ve met in my classes and PT sessions, but I will not miss being treated with condesenting arrogance for my professional knowledge and/ or as a fellow human being.
Since Womensfitnessplus made it mandatory for their trainers to sell at least 3 Kinetica products on each shift, I had to say I wouldn’t do it. I’d give information about the products, but under no circumstances would I push the products to women, who didn’t need them. I don’t believe in selling useless stuff, or even worse telling lies to make a profit like.
I’m a fitness professional with ethics and beliefs on what’s right and whats wrong – I work for results, not for greed.
As a result our ways departed – and despite I miss the happy women – I would choose to stand by my ethics again.


Yesterday I got a splendid reason, for why I’m doing, what I’m doing here in Ireland.
After my boxercise class at Womens Fitness Cork a lady, told me: ‘That’s the best physical activity, I’ve ever done in my life’. And she continued: ‘I’ve tried everything running, swimming, spinning, coming to the gym. I’ve never found anything as enjoyable as boxing, it’s simply the best.’

It totally made my day and night – and now, ‘the morning after’. After a hard day of going back and forth from one class to the next and my little despair on V-day, it made it all worth it. Not only because it validated my status as a trainer, but more so, she confirmed how great boxing (martial arts) is.

And yes, I’m very well aware that boxercise is not boxing or martial arts. That it – in someone elses hand might be more like Tae Bo. But! In my boxercise classes – it all comes from boxing and the love of the sport, respect for technique, hard work and more hard work and a lot of fun.

So thank you for telling me – and thank you for letting me share my love for boxing with you guys.

Below a vid from Gleasons Gym. The most fantastic boxing gym on earth.


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