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Ireland vs Denmark I

It’s Tuesday and I got todays training in the bag.  Came to the gym tired from yesterdays 75min run + 45min KB class. So workload wasn’t impressive in todays training: 3K on a good pace, little benching  / a small set of 40’s, FTC and lots of ab work.

So without any plans for the day, I thought it was time to make my first Ireland vs Denmark list. (I’m sure more will follow).

First obvious notion is, that I’ve moved from the (big) city to the country side. Which means:

Tyra Banks with an irish hairdo

* Ocean view in the weekends – but no 7-11 around the corner. (store is 8k from our house)

Anne Lindfjeld with danish ditto

* My bike has been replaced with the passenger seat in the Mazda (I don’t drive)
* Numbers of sharwarma bars has been replaced with numbers of bars (pubs if you like)

* No sushi! :(((((((( (probably Irelands biggest downfall)

* Running 5 lakes has been replaced with running up and down 5 five hills
* Irish guys are mostly very gentleman like – holding the door etc. (Not a word about my bf thou 😉 haha) – and some of them look like Collin Farrel!!!
* Irish ladies have big hair!!! Not sure how to describe the danish hairstyle, but definetly an inch or two lower!



Speaking of irish ladies – my boxercise class at Womens Fitness Gym just hit a new high yesterday. A lady told me, it was probably the best thing, she ever did for herself in her life!  Not sure you can get a better compliment, than that. And, the best thing is – it was all her!! Her and her partner. I’m just the facilitator, calling the shots yes, but it’s entirely up to the individual to push herself.
I alway encourage my classes to keep at it. To not give up, but push through! And this particuliar lady must have done so! I’m so happy for her – and proud to get the class going at that intensity!


My second class yesterday was my Kettlebell class, which Im also really happy about. I think the 3 sets starting with the easier exercises and progressing forward are the best mix. Two younger ladies was in, and one of them gave up on some of the drills. I had a word with her after class, and told her to stick with it next time. Just try – never give up! (such a cliche, but so true, when it comes to life). I hope she will remember my words next week and keep at it. Dig deep and come through! I know, if she do, she’ll feel three inch taller and so proud. It’s the greatest gift of training.

Tomorrow its time for my first boxercise class at CIT. Program in place, hoping it will be just as cool!


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