Beginning of a new end

Time and place for a new beginning.

Time is 2012 and place is Cork & Clonakilty, Ireland. After a year travelling back and forth Liam and I decided it was time to try the joys of waking up and going to bed together again, and since he has committed to stay here for four years, it was my time to move.

Life is good in Ireland and we are doing great. Only minus has been the cold, wet weather and the fact, that we still haven’t joined a Thaiboxing gym in Cork. But that will change this week!!

Training wise I picked up weightlifting again. Both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting – and I’m actually going to compete this saturday in powerlifting. I don’t have high expectations, cause I haven’t really been doing any kind of serious lifting since before Christmas. First day back in the gym was monday (yesterday). But it’ll be fun to try… I guess.

Since this is the start of a new beginning, I’ll allow myself to write a few words about my blog this year. I will try to keep it simple and clean. My 2012 blog will consist of three areas:

1. Sport – health, fitness, diets, training, fighting and my classes
2. Professional stuff – photographs and my journalistic work (if I’m lucky to pick up a writing position here)
3. Expat & personal – thoughts about living away from home

My hope for all females in 2012. Not that we should get a build like strong girl in the picture, but stop obsessing about being skinny! Skinny's not gonna make you feel fit!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions if my writing inspires you to do so. But please keep it in a good tone, all my writings are subjective and come from own personal experience (and occasionally studies if it involved training and dieting facts). In any case this is my blog and my way of keeping track of my training, putting words to living abroad and hopefully a way to give back some of the inspiration, I get from life every day.

Last: I’ll try to keep this blog updated during week days and when ever we have internet connection in Clon!


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