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Christmas recap

December 25th: Morning run in the forest. 5k in the snow – very quiet, beautiful and cold!!

December 26th: GPP4 – a session with Ross is never out of style + ate ALL the christmas candy. (Hurt my stomach)

December 27th: Taken out by bingeing on Christmas Candy. Felt pain and bloated stomach, lazy mentally as well as physically. Just not a good day at all!

December 28th: Classes
Toning: Introduced the one-legged RDL! So much fun!! Also: Saxon, Russian side twists, lunges, squats (as* to the grass), balance dog, plank, push ups
Abs n Back: Ball drills, V-ups w/ ball, one-leg hamstrings curls on ball, plank, back drills
Box: Uh – all the nice stuff incl. Box jump, fitness sparring (hit btw shoulder and hip), evil Wheel, TGU, Medicine ball throws, combos, Cleans w/ sandbags. Finisher: 100 Abs, 100 Push ups

1K  – started out slow, fast paced last 400m
6x 5 Flyes – decreased – 7K
3 x 5 Pull ups – started getting decent, but felt heavy from the christmas dinner/ binge
1K – started out slow – fast paced last 800m
1 min back bridge


Back bridge (Neck training) - the guy on top must be bonus




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