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Legacy Gym

Legacy Gym

Legacy Gym 2008

Muay thai & MMA
Ubon Ratchathani



Legacy Gym was my second time, trying out the art of the eight limps in Thailand. It’s in the town of Ubon Ratchathani in the North East of Thailand and is owned by Danish/ Philippine fighter Ole Baguio Laursen and his wife Anchalee.

So – this review will not be up to date, but hopefully still gives a good impression of the camp.

Legacy is located next to the big lake, which also makes out for the morning runs. Lake is supposedly 8K, but the first times you run it, it probably feels longer. The twist and turns around that dam* thing, just seem to go on and on – and after you spot the roof of the camp, from the other lakeside, and think to yourself – ahhh half way there.. another surprise awaits. You still have a good run ahead!


Anchalee in front of the lake



After the run its time for skipping, jumping tire and shadowbox, and from there bagwork and rounds on the pads with the trainers. Training with you on the pads, will be depending on your strength and experience. After about 1½ – 2 hours its time to wrap it up and get in the shower – and then breakfast will be served.

Afternoon training start off by a shorter run about 2 -3K, followed by the same: shadowbox and bagwork. For some students it’s also time for sparring 3 days a week: Every other day is box sparring only, otherwise MT. If you’re not sparring, you’ll do pads or sparring (light) with the coaches. Also clinch work late in the session.
Finisher: kicks/ knees to the bag, abs, strength training.
Dinner will follow the afternoon session, and afterwards you have free time – if you have energy to do stuff. Most people go to the park for smoothies or ice cream.

Muay Thai training is twice a day, six days a week. Sunday is normally off day.
MMA training has it owns schedule with specific strength and conditioning classes to follow.

Fighting: If you want to have a fight, the trainers will have to OK you – but its pretty easy to get a fight, as there’s lots of small events every week around in the esaan area. However – don’t expect to meet the local tuk tuk driver or cook, as you will down south. You will face a muay thai fighter for opponent, but – they will match you up against ‘weaker’ opponents for your first fights. (Weaker: older, smaller, ‘retired’ etc.)


Ole and Per Eklund sparring



Trainers: As far as I know, Ajarn Nimnuang and ajarn Lei are the two trainers left from my last time in Legacy. They are both really good and nice to be around. Ajarn Nimnuang is now the headcoach (I think) and takes mostly care of the fighters. I know more trainers have joined, but I don’t know who.
For MMA Malik Arash Mawlayi was the great headcoach, but he is currently in Sweden. Like with the new thai trainers, I don’t know who took his place, but I’m sure – that just how much Malik is missed, there will be a really good guy filling in for him.

Accommodation: There’s two houses you can book a room in.
Right next to the cage – like literally 5 steps from the action, or you can live in the new complex next door. Each room has shower and bath, two beds, tables and a clothes rack. Rooms are double and if you travel alone, and the gym is packed, you’ll probably get a room-mate. But since there’s no beachlife and nightlife is sparsely, there’s usually a really good social life in Legacy. People hang out together, train, sleep – and eat together.


Of course you can find the ‘falang-falang’ thailand in Ubon – there is a hookerbar, and you can even find some ladyboys (katoys), but the general rule is, people either come to Legacy because they’ve know about Ole – or they want to get away from all the ‘falang-falang’ stuff, that takes focus from training.
The personal impression: A lot of Scandinavians and foreigners find their way to Legacy – level is from new beginners to A-class fighters. Most are very dedicated to training, learning and fighting. Those who are more into drinking, bargirls (hookers) and party usually skip to the islands after a few days/ weeks. (And then there are those who wants from both worlds: Go for ‘holidays’ on the islands, and then return to Legacy after a couple of weeks of pure debauchery on the sunny shores further south).
But fact is – if you like to train in a place with little distractions, a good social life -and easy living (a stay in the camp can include everything you need: Food, clothes washing, motorbike rent, internet etc.), Legacy is a good place to be.
And its easy to get to: Flights, trains and busses – all depending on economy, time and how you feel.

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