training, weight

Christmas Session

On the brink of days of endless eating, had to start the day with some training (Like to stay where I am on the scale right now):

Warm up: 3x 5 Pull Ups
-Doing ok, but felt a bit weak in the grip :/
Guess could have done more, but was keeping an eye out for the track, as they were all busy when I first came.

4.6K in 20.2 (only fast paced last 10)
First 10 min, just normal pace, then turned up a notch for 5 and last 5 sprints

200 Abs / Different stuff: Russians, ball etc.
100 Push Ups/ Diffrent style: broad, narrow, up/down etc
Stretch: Just your normal gymnastic stuff

Kitty Christmas for all

& Wishing a Blue christmas


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