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I know where all the smokers went

They’re standing on my running route – so not only I get to breathe ice-cold air, I get it with a harsh after taste of cigarettes… eeiiiw!!
Its been about a week or so since my last outdoor run, so tonight was the evening to get the sneakers and hat on – and get outside. It’s -3 outside and its freezing cold. My nose felt like it was about to break of the first 7 minutes, but from there it got warm, thighs and butt (and fingers) however never got that warm sensation.

About 23min out for a 5K – in snow and ice – not bad for an evening ice-run.

Also today: Muay thai with Kru Toy in Butchers Lab
Pretty cool training – did spend a lot of time with a newbie, but she was ok. Pretty strong Cross Fit/ Wing Chun girl too – so it wasn’t so bad, and fortunately, not like some of the newbs you come across, that just pushes – and can’t control what they’re doing – and hence injure you – or themselves.

Also got a nice round of sparring with Dennis – an old-time student of Kru Toy. Really nice to let go a little and spare on a 80% level. Felt great! But haven’t forgotten yesterday. Have to pick up Ross again! 😉


BKK 2010: Great evening celebrating Saenchais win over Petchuboom. Saenchai Sor Kingstarr, Kru Toy & me





3 thoughts on “I know where all the smokers went

  1. Karsten says:

    Jeg vidste ikke, at der er thai i butcher’s lab, og kan ikke finde oplysninger om det på deres hjemmeside. Hvilke dage trænes der?
    Underviser Kru Toy der regelmæssigt? Jeg blev trænet af ham i sin tid i multisport, det ville være optimalt at starte igen med ham som træner.

    Tak for nogle gode oplevelser med Fight Club på Eurosport, du gør det rigtigt godt!

    • Hej Karsten,

      Den er god nok! Kru Toy underviser tirsdag og torsdag i Butchers Lab i Kødbyen.
      Tirsdag: 17 – 18.30
      Torsdag: 16.45 – 18.00

      Det er super godt, så tag og kig ned! Jeg er der som regel om torsdagen!
      & Mange tak for roserne!! Det er forrygende at lave Fight Club, især når der vises så blændende fightere, som blandt andet idag. Glæder mig også til d.30, til de store drenge!

      Rigtig god jul!
      🙂 Tania

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