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Tuesday on a half stomach

Fåk! Hardly got any sleep as I ate something weird yesterday and suffered stomach cramps all night. Crazy it’s so painful – caught myself thinking I would rather die than breathe – let alone move my body. Haha.
But fortunately woke up and felt a small bit better. Had my 3 Tuesday classes, and enjoyed it, even had to go through with a half stomach.


3 classes:

30  min Conditioning (incl. Saxon sidebends, lunges, squats, russian sidetwists, push ups, v-ups, challenetics)
30 min Abs n back (Incl. TGU w/12k KB, ½TGU, V-ups, Hugs, back, plank)
60 min boxing class (All the usual – and some new ‘baseball hitting)




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