FCK is playing – perhaps the match of the century – against greek team Panatinaikos. It’s all about the Champions League! (and they won!! Yay!!)
Which is the reason for my headline for this Tuesday drills and do’s.

Started the day off with some causal boxing with Johnny De Lima.
Awesome coach and a really nice man.
1½ Hour of boxing drills – no pads today, but good steady work on the bags.
Could kind of feel my arms.. not sure what I’ve done lately, but felt tired and slower than usual.

Evening classes in Fitness.dk ABC Style:
30 min. Body sculpture class – BW style, no BB!
Drills: Saxon Sidebends, Lunges, Russian Sidetwist, Push ups, Push Ups walking style, Plank, Various back exercises (only weight used is 5K plate and a pair of 1K db)
30 min. Abs/ Back – BW style
Drills: Abs and back work on Ball, floor drills
60 min. excercise boxing
Drills: Technique, combo, circle – ending up with 3min rounds

Late evening:
Mums homemade christmas cookies – carbed up!!


Finskbrød - Not my mum's, but could be 😛 Yummy





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