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Ducth vs Thai

Inspired by Muhammads comment, I thought it would be a good idea to mention the SLAMM! events. SLAMM is a dutch fight promotion, which every year invites some of Thailands finest to fight some of Hollands ditto.

Last year saw Yodsenklai fight Khalid Bourdif, Bovy Sor Udomson fight Mosab Amrani, Anuwat was fighting Mootje Kamal and Warren Stevelmans was fighting Saiyok Pumphanmuan. So it’s basically a who’s who of thai and dutch nak muays. Also very recommendable is to check Liam Harrion vs Saenchai Sor Kingstar who fought last year (2009) at Muay Thai Legends in England.

English promoters also put on an ‘Us vs them’ show, and it’s a great way to showcase some of the best muay thai for a spoiled muay thai loving audience. A small difference between the setups as I see it, is not about quality of fighters or the fights. But a small difference in style. The english fighters as I see it, is more thai-like in their fighting style, where as the dutch fighters style, seem more…. yes… dutch.
More use of angles, boxing and mixing it up.

If I’m to guess, I would think it has to do with a lot of the dutch fighters doesn’t go to Thailand for long periods, like most non-thai nak muays.

I have no idea, why this is, but can only conclude that while lots of the english, spanish and Belarus (in short non-thai) fighters are spending more time training and fighting in Thailand (and the usual bargirl funk), than back home, then the dutch fighters gets just as good, staying home – training and fighting. It might be the local competition, or as Lucien tried explaining to me: ‘Holland are a nation of fighters’. And there are fights to fight almost every week somewhere in the small European country.

This is by no means meant to be dissing fighters who spend their lives in Thailand, and I’m also aware, that a lot the dutch fighters won’t take fights with elbows unless they’re getting paid accordingly (that means more). So a lot of people would rightfully claim, that the dutch fighters doesn’t fight real muay thai. However the SLAMM events prove, that they do – and that they also can utilize this 8’th weapon

Anyway I found Sergio Wielzen fight with Anuwat Kaewsamrit – enjoy!
I can tell this much, that it was a strategy from Lucien Carbin to attack Anuwat  high and low. The ending where Sergio fires off his lowkicks are designed to make Anuwat drop his guard.

– this is the short version

– The slightly longer version, due to the Wai kru


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