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John, I’m only dancing

.. Not quite the truth, I’m afraid – a small session of DL and Pull ups also sneaked in 😉

But this past half week I’ve tried out COMPLETELY new stuff! Back in Ireland I got an email from Fitness.dk offering a free instructor course in…… DANCE classes. And mind you – NOT aerobic dancing, more like the dirty kind of dancing.

So I’ve struggled to find my soft side, make my arms ‘lose’, sensual hands and pointy toes. It’s crazy – its body control on a totally different level, than my martial arts have taught my body through out the years of striking, kicking, backspinning – all with lots of power and speed.

These last couple of days, it’s all about sensuality, balance – power – and the awful left/right, not to mention the beat. Dam* boi! It’s tough!! I tried tell a couple of my friends, and very fitting for the situation – all of them laugh. Guys then proceed to smirk a little and my (boxing) girls looks at me, like I’ve gone insane.

To be honest, I waited with my blog update, cause I wasn’t sure, what I had gotten myself into. But I found, that I really, really love this new challenge. In fact – I love it so much, I’ll try to get all my fightgirls to come and dance with me. It’s like a whole new side of me, I’d forgotten in the locker room, in the blood and sweat and the sweet rhymes of hitting hands and knees.

But here I am… challenge, struggling – but darn sure, I’d come out a better woman on the other side. And, if any of you out there needs a dance partner – send an invitation! I got the moves! 😉


Danceclass - photo from an article

As stated in beginning, I’ve also managed to put in some weights:

Monday: DL
1x 8x 40K – warm up
2x 4x 50K
2x 4x 60K
2x 4x 65K
+ 4 x4 Pull Ups (to lock out)

Fitness.dk ABC Classes! Great to see my girls and boxing class again!!

6x 5 Pull ups
5x clean and jerk – barbell 25k – while waiting for my dance class



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