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Monday blues

Really didn’t feel like anything at all, when I woke up today. Except for maybe go back to sleep and dream, be cosy and warm under the blanket. Instead had to get up, wash, rush coffee, cereals and yogurt down, while packing gymbag, laptop and getting dressed.Truth to be told, a little stressed, cold and sleepy – a ‘real’ monday morning blues.

Decided however after 2 cups of coffee to do the gym thing. Even it was with a tiny bit of entusiasm, I did get a small amount of work done and needless to say, feel good about it now.

Warm up: 3K – in slow speed, average 11.8kph

10x 20k – warm up
2x 4x 40K
2x 4x 50K
2x 4x 60K

Pull Ups superset w Pistols
6 sets of 4 reps

20 x 20K warm up
2x 4x 30K
2x 4x 35K
2x 4x 37.5K

Dragon Flags
5 (trying hard)

Abs: 200
Push Ups: 100
Back: 100
Bridge: 2 x 30 sec

Training notes: Underhand Pull Ups allready starting to feel better again. Still not on lock down, as I tried just once, before I left for Ireland, but pretty close – and full up – chin above bar. Tried some ‘sideways’ pull ups (holding hands palm facing palm), small grip worked fine, broad grip not so good. Could feel, that the overhand grip wouldn’t work for me today either. Next up hopefully!


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