strength training, training


Third day with gym access= av!

Todays little WO:

6K (30m) – Yes as time goes by, it’s all going downhill đŸ˜‰

Warm up8 x 40K
2x 4x 40K
2x 4x 50K
2x 4x 60K

Pull Ups super set with Pistols:
6 sets:
4 Pull Ups/ 6 Pistols

200 Abs – w/ weights
100 Push Ups

Notes on todays training:
Pull Ups still sucks!! Even the tiniest break can’t be allowed, when training for the good ol’ pu’s. Underhand functioning good – to chin up style. But overhand is very, very tough. Guess, I just have to keep at it!

Ps. Someone invited me to join a competition on Facebook. First price = 100K candy and chocolate. Now wouldn’t that be something.. my guess is, a weeks time later: 1st price + Tania= Tania 150K, So – I’m not gonna enter… am afraid to win!!


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