travelling, West Cork

Lazy sunday

Sunday is so far a chill out day, under a big cloudy white blanket, that prevents the shine of the sun. Yesterday the sea was alive with billions of small sparkles, reflecting the sun. Today its grey and quiet like the sky. Big difference, but still gorgeous.

Breakfast in Rosscarbery at Pilgrims Rest. Lovely little cafe, with the fire burning – great for a chill sunday. We got fry up full Irish breakfast with bacon, eg, sausage, baked beans and pudding. Nice – and a LOT!
On the way out, I noticed that their brownies looked fab! Have to get back there on day and try one!

Pilgrims rest, Rosscarbery, West Cork

Been climbing in the cliffs out here in Simons Cove. The tide is out, so where we’ve swum a few days ago, was all bared today. Wierd to see the bottom of the beach like that. We did find small crabs and fish, that was left by the tide – all kinds of seaweed. Oh yeah, and some very strange-looking red things, which grew on the stones – actually found out, its sea anemones.

Sea anemones when the tide is out


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