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Amsterdam III

Back in Copenhagen, it’s always nice to dream away. And as I’ve been going back in time, to write my piece on Lucien Carbin for World Muaythai Magazine, I just remembered my new lost friends in Amsterdam. Didn’t really got around to name them, cause they constantly moved – so sometimes I wasn’t sure, if it was one of their cousins, that moved in. But managed to snap a few photos of them:

They don't look big here, but they were!!!

Not and Afraid sitting in the corner

And NO!! They didn’t crawled under my skin and laid eggs!  Liam and Rich – bad boys for teasing me. Was really not that funny!!

Asides from that, we were a strange little bunch of people – gathered just to train with Carbin. Rich – a friend from UK/ Phuket, Liam (boyfriend from Ireland) and me (Banana girl from Denmark). Like my two earlier posts says, training was much more challenging than from what I’ve ever tried before. In lots of aspects, way tougher than Thailand, and I have to agree with Rasmus Zøylner – friend from Siam Gym – that after a certain point, one would learn more from training in Holland, than the usual trip to Thailand.

Thailand is great – but if you have a lot of fight experience and got your basics down – Holland is the place to take your skills to the next level. Maybe not all of Hollands gyms – but Carbins Fighting Factory, Golden Glory, Pancration, Mike’s Gym etc. They all have world-class fighters! Also – dutch fighters works a lot on the angles and not only focus on power, as the thais. Which makes it good – like Lucien says: Mix it up!
And to top it off – the dutch have always been a nation of fighters. No matter who in the martial arts world you talk too: Taekwondo, karate, Jiu jitsu, boxing – they all know the dutch reputation – which is kind of odd, one would think they would take it more easy in Am*dam city, hehe 😉

Am*dam btw definetly still one of my favorite cities in Europe!  Only had a brief encounter with the city this time thou, as more important things were on the menu for this trip (read: Training and learning new stuff!!). Guys for some reason didn’t have the same feeling about the city. Tried talking to both Liam and Rich about the splendid architechture in Am*dam, but could just as well, has been talking about the Bridget Jones Diaries – didn’t really get any respond. Odd!

Anyway – back home and single girl for a while, its back on training and stuff… (work). Had a great training in Siam yesterday evening, and felt good enough to join Johnny De Limas morning box today. 1½ hour of boxing – really good, just to focus on the hands. I’ve noticed over the last couple of months, that my speed in the combos has slowed down. (If training in Amsterdam, I’m sure they would pick up, cause the combos are so crazy – and he (Lucien) wants them with speed). So being back in a straight boxing class felt very good and needed.
Did try out some combos, and it went surprisingly good.

Later today its the teaching marathon in ABC! Looking forward to see all my superwomen and men again!


3 thoughts on “Amsterdam III

  1. Muhammad says:

    where can I get your story on Lucien Carbin (for free that is) and what his personality like and does he give you personal attention during training.What edge do you think they have over training in Phuket camps etc.Is there any difference btw the dutch style and thai style?Nice blog by the way

    • Hey Mohammad,

      Thanks for reading in on the blog. The story on Lucien Carbin will be featured in WMM, but I think your need subscription to get access.
      Lucien Carbin is a man, who more than anyone I’ve met about fighting. He’s very wise on fighting (and everything fight related), and is a strong and devoted man.

      In my opinion Lucien will devote time to his guests (if you think about coming and training with him), but he’s also a man, who wants dedication from his fighters. In order to get – you have to give.

      Your last question: Dutch contra Thaistyle – Big difference!!! Thailand are good for many things – and the top nak muays in the 55 – 67kg weight classes are 90% thai. But if you f.ex. Youtube Sergio Wielzens title fight against Anuwat (I think, they fought on 63.5 or 65kg), you can see the difference.
      Sergio is much faster and fight smarter – and I think it’s more embedded in the ducth fighters to fight smart – utilize angles etc. than most thais. (Except ofcourse for Saengchai Sor Kingstar and thaifighters like him – but he’s exceptional!!).

      Thanks for the nice word on my blog!
      🙂 Tania

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