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Tuesday jam

Great session in ABC,  before my Amsterdam departure!
Two overbooked classes and the third nearly full. Nice way to say happy holiday.

First two classes – got to work hard with my class.

Lots of abs/ back and toning:

Russian side twists
Saxon side bends
V-ups – superset with Knee-hugs
Ball excercise
Push up variations
Full contact twist

Boxing class: Overbooked!
So except for a little Ross warm up, no room for joining in. Class was good! Everyone kicked but*!!

This morning a small run/ jog with Pui Yee. Awesome start as always.. however I got up 2 min. before run-time. Had a total black out this morning, and dazed back into dream world. Luckyli got up, and we got out running!

Tonight is off for Amsterdam! Trip looks better and better – and hopefully I get to interview one of the biggest dutch names while I’m there – as well, as making an awesome article/ interview with Carbin – and learn some myself! And have fun with the everyone!
Actually feel a little lucky!

Yay! Dong!

Yay Dong! Banana girl - thats me


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