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Mission half accomplished

The mission with the last weeks enjoyment at Siam, had two ends. One and primarily – getting used to the good ol’ kick n’ punch after two months break. And secondly – I also wanted to make it out alive = make it to Amsterdam with no major injuries, that would sideline me.

Would be a shame to go and train under one of the most acclaimed coaches in Europe, and then sit out with an injury.

With today’s morning jog and evening at Siam, I think it’s safe to say, I’m pretty much there. Meaning – I can’t get up my condition anymore before Wednesday, and with todays last 20 minutes blasting on pads, my arms are dead. (Kim – a guy same size of Liam teamed up with me – and holding pads were just as hard – if not harder – than to perform myself. Haha – that’s the way it is to be ‘lille’).  I even said no to sparring, not to jinx it – but then, those damn pads.
So now I need rest and recovery to make it fresh into class thursday. Body just not up for the workload yet – guess its one of those things, that comes with being older 😦

Last two days here, will therefore be tomorrows classes at ABC and morning run – with Pui Yee, if she’s up for it – Wednesday. And then off for a new adventure Wednesday evening. Looking so much forward to breathe the dutch air again, meet old and new friends – and hopefully, write another great article for WMM


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