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Weekend update

Weekend update!

1 hour of muay thai:
3 x 3 minutes of shadow boxing
6 x 3 minutes bagwork
1 min break inbtw rounds

Finisher: 100 push up, 200 abs, bridge and stretch

Training felt good, and despite training on my own, I broke a sweat and got some combos down.

Expendables in the evening, with an old training inspiration/ friend – Anders Nedergaard. Had actually decided to stay in – was more or less sure that most of Copenhagen would be flooded, as it’s been raining non-stop all day. Surprisingly theater actually held people – all with raincoat, rubberducks and that rainy smile people who know the danish summer, smiles.

Expendables was pretty fun! Good action, nice lines – awesome cast!

@ Fitness.dk, Royal

1 x5 x 40K
1x 10x 30,5K
2x 4x 40,5 K
2x 4x 50,5 K
2x 4x 60,5 K
2x 4x 65.5 K
2x 4x 70,5 K

1x 10x 10,5K
4x 20,5K
4x 25,5K
4x 30,5K
2x 4x 35,5K

Bend over Row:
4x 4x 16K
4x 4x 18K

Pull Ups:
5 x 5 – 3 diff. style grip

Saxon Sidebends:
4x 10x 10K

Russian Twists:
5x 25x 5K

10 min run – stretch

Felt pretty good today. A little weak on the deadlift and run, but everything else was sort of good! Pull ups – is of course not pretty…but I’m doing them.

I made my fantastic, delicious, mouth-watering Cheesecake, and gonna eat it with Julie. I am however thinking of who else to invite – there’s way too much cheesecake for us!!

Countdown for Amsterdam: 3 nights of dreams

Btw. Speaking of dreams. I had the most vivid dreams lately. Remembered 3 this morning when I woke up, but the most significant and the one that left most wondering emotions was a scenery in a garden. In the end – or in a corner of the garden was this little scenario of old dead trees stumps, moss, weed and earth. On the dead tree logs/ stumps/ roots colourful beetles and other insects where climbing all over. The beetles was beautiful in their colours, not two was the same. And the more we looked, the more we saw. A huge beetle – the size of Nanna as a 1 month puppy came climbing out. It was metallic blue and black and had a huge body. A very awesome sight!

Funny image found on g'le


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