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Blood Sweat and Tears

Wednesday night @ Siam:

Not so bad as I had feared. Clemme, the usual general in charge was out holiday-like, so Mr Silverfox took over and kept me busy for 75 min, then I made a mistake – and focus went – and I went home instead of doing the last 15 min sparring. Which I kind of regret now… but what can I do?

Anyway training was bloody hard, after being away from the gym for 2 months – simple stuff like kicking, punching and even holding pads turn into a dreadful story. My right wrist is completely fucked from holding the thaipads. Left is only half. Fortunately it should be something, that would get ok for Amsterdam. Last thing I need is an injury – a week prior to departure.

Looking much forward to Amsterdam. The guys from the gym who went this summer, all speaks highly of the dutch guys (and I would expect nothing less) – and I get to meet up with old friends. Couldnt be better.

Bruises in a very different place


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