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Explosive strength II

Explosive strength @fitness.dk Nyegaardsvej
Both hard and not so hard – Hard to explain haha.

Struggling with the muscle ups, but Liam apparently thought he should do some extra weight training (lifting my butt up and above the bar, so I could turn my hands and reverse to a dip-grip).

Muscle ups (4 sets, 8 reps – did 5 either chin ups (overhand grip- or 5 muscle ups with help + super settet with 5 dips)
Squat jumps (4 x 12)

Full body ply pushups (4 x 8)
Explossive step ups (4 x 12)

One arm band pulls (4 x 6 – performed in weigth thing with 30kg)
Ankle hops (4 x 20)

Rope climbing for time ( 3sets of 3 climbs) – No rope available: did 3 sets of Pull ups (different grip)

Pull-ups are getting better and at least I get my chin up and above the bar. Locking the arms out straight and get back up however is terrible hard. Will say I keep my arms bend about 10%, but it’s looking better. Yesterday evening was supposed to do muaythai too, but we ended up going swimming. Swimming is nice!


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