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Explosive strength ala Never Gymless style

Pew – day 4th in the new 50 day programme: explosive strength. So very hard!!

Drills performed super settet – 2 excercise paired up and performed 4 sets, before moving on to the next pair. About 45 sec rest btw. excercise.

Muscle Ups (4 sets, 8 reps)
Knee tucks (4 x 12)

Depth Plyometric push ups (4 x 8)
Lunge Jumps (4 x 12)

Clap Pull Ups (4 x 8)
Ankle hoops (4 x 20)

Finisher: Power overs 3x 20

First of all, I’m just starting out here, so my regime does not include muscle ups and clap pull ups. I tried to do just one muscle ups, but couldn’t pull through the second part of the excercise. course my companion did 😉

So my less impressing schedule had:
Muscle ups replaced with Pull Ups (4 x 5 – shifting btw under/ over grip)
Clap pull ups replaced with Pull Ups (4 x 5 – same, same)

Finisher: 1x 12, 1 x 14 and 1 x 16

In the book Ross explains that the muscle up is a tough excercise to master, and it might take a few weeks of practice. I’m not sure he didn’t mean a few months – or maybe never?? Also – right now, no idea on how to train the movement as I’m still struggling on pull ups performed as chin ups. But hey – maybe one day… 😉

Fight Club tonight!


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