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First try on EIT

Third day in the next Ross 50 day cycle was EIT #1 and it came directly after two hours of teaching classes at Fitness.dk ABC. Maybe not the best idea.

ABC Classes:
1 hour of Core + but* (lots of lunges, push ups)
1 hour of boxing = ICT #1 as warm up – replaced pull-ups with Military press)

Still totally into my ABC classes – thou a little sad the boxing class is suffering from the holiday, but girl classes (toning and core) still managed to pick up. Whats really good about this, is when I can see, that I can actually make a difference in someones appearance. When the result of the mental side of the training shows: ‘I can actually do this!!’ and ‘I can do much more, than I thought I could’. That’s when I know, I succeeded in class.

* 12 Burpees
* 24 pushups
* 36 squats
* 400 meter run (took of 50m)

–          4 circuits

Perform as fast as possible, no designated rest

EIT #1 was hard!!! Especially after two hours of training in ABC + the grueling heavy weight training monday. My body is still wrecked and hurts. EIT made it perfectly clear that my burpees was the only thing, I could do very well. Push Ups and Squats hurts – as for the run… I have no idea, on how I got through with it, even I only did 4 x 350m.


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