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ICT – first tryout

New Ross challenge: Never Gymless.

First day was ICT #1 (integrated circuit training)

I tried it out by myself last thursday. Home is not the best place, as the pull-up bar is located in the bedroom, so was using seconds on going from one room to the other.But might not be the worst as I was pretty much out of breath after the first minute. And my pull-ups sucks. Couldnt press more than 5 cohesive – and for the 1st round full minute, I only got 5 + 2 x 2 x 0.5. Very weak.

ICT 1:
* Burpees
* Pull- ups
* Squats
* Pushups
4 round

Round 1: 60 sec
Round 2: 45 sec
Round 3: 30 sec
Round 4: 15 sec
No rest btw rounds

Aside from that, I’ve run by myself and with my good friend Pui Yee, bicycling and swimming some.

Friday I did a heavy strength training for once: Squats, bench, calf raises, pull ups and swings. Was hard lifting real weights again. It’s been over 6 months.

Today only consisted of short swim and biking. Not that great.  But the weeks total workload ended up being acceptable thanks to Pui Yee and my own running.

Sitting here on a saturday afternoon I do however feel quiet lazy, and not so happy with end result. But sunday might have some training in it too.

Skipping country soon – It’s time for new input and inspiration.


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