50 day challenge, functionel strength training, ross training, strength training

Back off strength + sprints

Saturday: In addition to the previous posted – saturday also included a 20 x 50m sprint routine. (50 meter sprint/ jog back)

Sunday: Back off Strength day:

Handstand push ups 4/ 5/ 5/ 4
Pull ups                          5/ 4/ 5/ 5
Pistols                            5.5/ 5.5/ 5.5/ 5.5
One arm push ups    5.5/ 5.5/ 5.5/ 5.5
Glute ham raises      5/ 5/ 5
Body weight triceps extensions 5/ 5/ 5
4 sets

Last set of Glute ham & Triceps Extension skipped.
Finisher 1K fast run! – Don’t think I ran this fast in a long time – was squashed afterwards

Monday: Day off – run with Pui Yee in Frederiksberg Have + Søndermarken ( a nice app. 4km jog)
@ Eurosport afterwards to do the Creative Breaking show

Tuesday: 6K fast run

Wednesday: Shopping


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