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GPP # 5 and core 10

Saturday with Ross in Siam!! (weiii!!)

GPP #5
* 30 sec burpees
* 30 sec shadow box

6 rounds of 3 minutes, 30 sec break btw rounds

Very hard work! After first round we looked at each other and couldn’t believe we had 5 more rounds to go. My burpees in every 3 min. round was: 12, 11, 11. Tried to push hard in the shadow box breaks – and left my self out of breath several times.

Phillip, Munta and Kasper – had a clinch clinic going, great to see Phillip really upped his game!! The lads are off for Amsterdam tomorrow to train with Lucien Carbin. I so wish, I could join them!!

After this, Liam took me for 4 or 5 rounds of pads. Plain boxing. Felt good to punch something again. But arms feels tired and there was no speed left in my double jab. Just shows that you should never skip training đŸ˜‰

Finished off with core # 10
* 5 Dragon flags
* 25 Knee hugs
* 15 Supermans
* 30 Side crunches, 15 pr side (slow cadence)
* High rep crunches (todays number: 50)
3 rounds
Dragon Flags are killing me. Wonder if I will ever be able to do just one correct?!

Felt good to be back in Siam. Hope I can remember this feeling, and get my as* back in training. Wonder if I should try to get a fight in September?

Watching Germany vs Argentina! Interesting!!


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