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Back with Ross

Yesterday was yet another day with Ross. We’re starting  making friends again 😉

Tuesday offered a trip down the GPP lane followed by a Core:

GPP # 4
100 rope turns
10 burpees
10 push ups
10 squats
10 circuits as fast as possible

Core # 8
15  Evil Wheel/ 5 flag
10 pr side Russian twists
15 V-ups
15 Back extensions
40 high rep chinnies
4 sets, change btw wheel and flag

All this followed my three classes at Fitness.dk ABC. Classes was good and consisted of the usual goodies for core, abs, back, thighs and but* 😀
Warm up for boxing: KB Swings and Turkish Get Ups!

Monday we did strength:

Strength # 5
3 DB Push press (14 kg)
3 pr arm snatch (14 kg)
4 sets: 90 sec rest-
5 Pistols
5 Gluteham raises
4 sets: 45/ 60 sec rest-
5 Pull ups
20 push ups
4 sets: 60 sec rest-

Finisher: Farmers walk (2 x 16kg)


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