50 day challenge, functionel strength training, ross training

Density day

Today: Density Day

Ross @home = No DB – only 12 kg KB for all the fun
Density Day
2 DB snatches pr arm
6 Burpees
-Repeat for 10 min
Swing sledgehammer (replaced with woodpeckers and SLAMS)
repeat for 10 min
Heavy bag work (replaced with Slams and thai knees)
repeat for 5 min

Six burpees was all good. Easy peasy work, which affirm the saying – what you train is what you getting good at. And then I instantly think of Phil Nurse and his 20’s – and I feel like I’m cheating doing my app. 12 on the 30 sec challenge. KB was a little harder to control on my left hand, so now I have a nice ‘KB bracelet’.

GPP # 2
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin jacks
30 sec split jumps
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin Jacks
30 sec mountain climbers
5 sets – 30 sec rest

This was tough. We both were.

Core # 1
5 Dragon flags
6 pr side Saxon side bends
15 supermans
8 pr side Medicine ball twist
– 3/5 circuits-
Finisher: Plank 2 min


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