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WoC 101 and the forgotten

Apparently I forgot to put down the last days with Ross. So a bit of catching up to do. Starting however with yesterday, where I almost died during the Work Capacity 101. I can’t believe that we thought the Ross challenges to be easy, last time around. Now it feels like something invented just to kill me fast and painful.

Work Capacity 101
* 5 Pull Ups
* 10 Medicine Ball Slamms (ended up lifting sandbag – had no extra ball)
* 15 Burpees
* 20 Jumping Jacks
* FINISHER: Sandbag carry – chose to do Muaythai knees w/ weights. Grueling.
2 minutes for each circuit, as fast as you can. 10 circuits to complete –

After No5 I thought, I would give up, but somehow I managed to press through each round. Fastest round accomplished in 1.10 – think that was No7. Funny thing with the Burpees (maybe I mentioned this before), but for the GPP 30 sec challenges I do btw. 10 – 12 (mostly 12), and the difference of just making the 3 extras in the 101 is profound. They’re so hard!! But then, when I think about training with Phil Nurse in NY, he’s programme is a grueling 20 burpees, 20 squats and 20 push ups – unless he does the ever evil one: How many in 1 minute – then you have to exceed that – for 3 rounds.

GPP # 1
Day before 101 – was GPP #1:
* 30 sec burpees
* 30 sec jumpin jacks
* 30 sec high knee db press
* 30 sec shadow box
5 sets – no rest

Not that bad – got pulse, got sweat – not that much more. Forgot the core.

Strength # 5
* 3 DB Push press (2 sets: 10 k/ 2 sets: 12k)
* 3 pr arm snatch (same)
4 sets: 90 sec rest

* 5 Pistols
* 5 Gluteham raises
– 4 sets: 45/ 60 sec rest-

* 5 Pull ups
* 15 push ups (+ 10 weight)
– 4 sets: 60 sec rest-

FINISHER: 100 Woodpecker w/ 5 k medicine ball

Not that horrible – but my nice Promthep shirt got a bad mark from the DB – the push up drill. Had it btw my shoulder blades and apparently those DB’s are some dirty little f*ckers.

I have a hard time finding motivation for Muay thai again. It sucks!!


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