50 day challenge, muay thai, ross training, strength training, weight

Sprint day and first Siam-day back

Yesterday I really tried to kill myself – or so it felt. The day with Ross prescribed 4 x 800m sprints and the usual 5 x 50m – then after work and little eat – first time back in Siam in what feels like forever.

AM w/ Ross:
4 x 800m Sprints – and jog back
1x 800m Sprints – did an extra round to try out a different route
5 x 50m Sprints – very good pace!!!

PM w/ Muay Thai
90 minutes of Muay Thai. Mostly pad drills with Phillip. Skipped the sparring part – apparently got too fat and too awkward on my legs in my break. The past month of bad stuff has cost about 2 kg and lost of speed, power and balance. It feels like I’m starting over.
I guess one thing is to do the (often) 20 – 30 minute Ross sessions and exploding into it aka feel good and strong throughout the whole session – quite another is to have energy for 90 minutes of Muay Thai. Not only kicks, punches, knees and elbows – but also basic footwork and balance.
Dam* it – breaks sucks!! And I miss going to the gym with Liam, was a lot easier to get out of the house, when u have company! But then I get a lot from the Ross sessions we’re doing together. Pull-Ups starting to come back – and he definitely help by inspiring and just plainly – ask me to perform.

Today is strength day according to the Ross bible – but I’ll be going to Eurosport tonight, to do Creative Breaking. So probably be doing strength on my own


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