ross training, strength training

Strength day

Started out slowly and with deep regret noticing all my pull up power has ‘magically’ vanished. I guess that means, it’s starting all over again. But I kind of knew that after 3  – 4 weeks of slacking, sickness and pure bad days, but still – it sucks!

Strength day # 3

* 4 push press (10 kg rd 1 & 2, 12 kg rd 3, 13 kg rd 4) pr arm
– 4 sets –
* 8 Sandbag shouldering pr arm
– 4 sets –
* 8 RDL (16 kg pr arm)
* 6 DB step ups (14 kg pr arm)
– 4 sets –
* 5 Pull-ups
* 10 dips
– 4 sets –
Finisher: Farmers walk x 3 (10 kg pr hand)

First 2 rounds of Pull-ups were decent, after that -decline! Almost unbearable – when we ended the 50 day challenge, I was doing a good (and somewhat decent) 5 pull ups in the Ross challenges. And now, it’s a misery! Dips: 5 first in each set sort of presentable, last 5 not so much. Even got some lame as* dude comment to bf about it. I really hate when people I don’t know comment on my training in the gym. Especially when you can see, they don’t know shi* in their own training. But then again, I really enjoy training with my friends who knows about training, and always thankful when they correct me.

Later tonight Siam – first time in 8 days! Sucks!


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