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Guess who’s back

And that’s with The Density day, Sprints and core #4!

Density Day:
10 minutes: 2 snatch pr arm (10 kg), 6 burpees
10 minutes: Medicine ball slamms (4 kg)
5 minutes: Shadowbox (full mt style)

Sprint day:
8 x 200 meter sprints
5 x 50 meter sprints

Core #4
15 Evil Wheels
10 pr side Russian Twists (5 kg medicine ball)
10 Crunches (5 sec count pr rep)
15 Back extensions
30 High rep chinnies
– 5 rounds –

It’s been a rough month, but I think, I’m back for good. Hit rock bottom trainingwise, lifewise etc., but it feels like I’ve landed on top, on my feet. Now just preparing for new steps to take. New challenges and new goals.


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