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Falling down and climbing back

I was supposed to get to my second week with Ross this saturday, but life has thrown me some curveballs lately and once again, I’ve sidelined my training (which is always a bad idea, and I don’t recommend that solution to anyone!!) due to a heartbreaking experience saturday.

Today I luckily got a little grip on myself, and joined the fighter class at Siam. Got my as* back in class!

90 minutes spend with Muay Thai, are 90 minutes well spend! So I left the class happy – or thou, I actually caught myself looking at the clock once in a while for the last 30 minutes. Which I interpret as: Poor as* shape, lousy conditioning and a note on to maybe do 2 Ross trainings in a row, if that’s the only stuff I do that day.

The Ross challenges are mostly 10 – 20 minutes long. A duration my body adjusted to, and I can keep up a good pace, good performance and work rate – but after 60 minutes technique Muay thai and pad work – I was buried!! Not good enough!!

Ps. Abdul had the class again today, and it was good!!

Tomorrow will be my photo ops day at ABC, with my toning class! Gonna be great – these ladies takes it to the max!! And I’ll be continuing on the 50 day challenge with Strength #2.


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