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Fourth day – sleepless

Something terrible happened yesterday, so I haven’t been able to sleep or eat – or what I ate, I had to puke. I kind of set my mind on going to the gym later to do the GPP #1, but Im quite busted. Thanks to Ross and the big G is not the strength day today. That would have been hard to overcome on a sleepless night.
I’ll update later when I come from the gym!

Edit: I forgot to update yesterday. Did the GPP# 1 back home:

* 30 sec Burpees
* 30 sec Jumping Jacks
* 30 sec High knee db press
* 30 sec Shadowbox

5 rounds – no break btw rounds

For breaking my heart

The person I held highest, the one I trusted with my heart. The one man, who I trusted, have apparently betrayed me. A phrase I’ve been thinking a lot these last 24 hours: I must have been hitler in my earlier life or maybe I’m the most naive sucØer on the planet – or just not worth telling the truth, being straight, being honest – giving the heart too. I really wanted to believe…


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