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3rd day – Strength

3rd day in the R-bible. Did think about going to the gym, but decided to stay in, as I had the necessary equipment and it solved the problem about which gym to choose etc. Instead of training with DB, I used my 12 kg KB, and for hammer swings, I chose my medicine ball (5 kg) for woodchoppers.

Posted before - but here we go again: Nanna with some of our toys

Todays strength day was:

* 3 X 1 arm DB Clean & Press (12 kg KB)
* 3 X 1 arm DB Snatch
– 4 sets –
* 5 Pistols (+ weight) (No weight yet, hard enough as it is)
* 5 Glute ham raises
– 4 sets –
* 5 Pull ups (Still got it – was sure I had fu** it up with this long break)
* 10 push ups
– 4 sets –
* 100 sledge-hammer swings (5 kg medicine ball – woodchoppers)

Nice work!


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